The basic mission is to research, collect and communicate the knowledge of space and space technologies to the public in a way that sensibly connects and intertwines the science, economy, tourism and art.

The basic activity of the public institute Center of Space Technologies Herman Potočnik Noordung is the promotion of space technologies and the manifestation of human achievements in space with the interweaving of art and high technologies. The offer includes the development, installation and marketing of space content in the form of art exhibitions, exhibitions of items and multimedia interactive applications that we offer to the general public.

Also, by connecting with and integrating into international connections, we ensure greater recognizability of Slovenian and international institutions in the field of space activities in all areas. Through the implementation of dedicated symposiums, we present and expand the significance of space exploration to the general public.

The vision of the Institute

The evolution of humanity and the universe has a common timeline. Our unique place in this is to add a cultural and humanistic contribution to human efforts to explore and understand the universe.



Organization of the institution

Since 2017,  Center of Space Technologies Herman Potočnik Noordung functions as a public institution (JZ) co-founded by the Republic of Slovenia, namely the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology (MGRT) and the Municipality of Vitanje. The co-founders also provide co-financing of the operation of the institute, with MGRT contributing 5/6 of the funds and the Municipality of Vitanje 1/6 of funds.

The activities of the Center are supervised by the Council of the Institute, which consists of 7 members of the representatives of founders, employees and the interested public.

The members of the Council of the Institute are named by:

  • the Republic of Slovenia with four representatives on the proposal of the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology,
  • the Municipality of Vitanje, the representatives of employees of the Institute, representatives of users or interested public each nominate one member.

Council members are:

  • dr. Jernej Štromajer, president and representative of the founder of the Republic of Slovenia;
  • mag. Alenka Marovt, representative of the founder of the Republic of Slovenia;
  • Tit Neubauer, representative of the founder of the Republic of Slovenia;
  • Jadranka Plut, representative of the founder of the Republic of Slovenia;
  • Andrej Poklič, a representative of the Municipality of Vitanje;
  • mag. Roman Kotnik, a representative of the interested public;
  • Izidor Fijavž, an employee representative.

Activities of the public institute Center of Space Technologies Herman Potočnik Noordung is focused on the market because the development of content depends on the resources acquired on the market.

Neža Pavlič Brečko
Managing Directress
I took over the management of the Center Noordung in March 2023. I am a lawyer by profession with experience in the youth and business sectors. I am also a volunteer in various organisations and quite active in different areas of social life. I see the Center Noordung as a link between education, business, tourism, culture and international activities. A key goal is to be recognised by the general population as well as the professional public. The Centre must have a stable operation and be able to develop.
Andreja Mlakar
Aministration, business development and guide
(CURRENTLY ABSENT) I have been involved in the operation of the Center since the very beginning. As a student, I started working at the reception office and was quickly trained to guide, prepare and conduct school workshops and develop programs. The current work includes arranging administration, reservations and other areas necessary for the smooth functioning of the institute. Also provided are guided tours, the implementation of school programs and assistance in preparing exhibitions.
Izidor Fijavž
Events/Tourism coordinator and guide
My journey in the Center Noordung started in 2015, where I enjoy the diverse and extremely versatile work as a tourism coordinator. The field of work includes marketing, the preparation of contracts and business agreements, the organization of events and conferences, concepts and the layout of exhibitions, and the guiding and implementation of workshops for school groups and visitors.
Tanja Tamše
Project coordinator, business development and guide
Tanja is an independent Coordinator of the project office. Currently, she is responsible for implementing the cross-border Interreg project in the Alpine area, ASIS - the Alpine Social Innovation Strategy. She runs and coordinates the project, connects the local actors and organizes workshops, where they research the current state of social innovation in Slovenia, they regulate the review of policies in this area, and in the continuation of the project, they plan to prepare strategic guidelines in the form of a white paper. Through the project, they are also looking for the possibilities of anchoring certain areas of space development into a group of advanced social innovations.
Nika Teraž
Content coordinator
I joined the team of Center Noordung earlier this year. The interweaving of different fields of activity of the Institute enables diverse and varied work. I am currently in charge of arranging office administration of the institution. I also work at the front desk, I arrange reservations and run school workshops and programmes. The work also includes guided tours of exhibitions and assistance in their preparation.
Monika Tisel
Content coordinator
I joined the Center Noordung as a student while finishing my degree in physics. At first I was working with visitors and conducting guided tours of the exhibitions. Soon after that I started to help with the school workshops, as well as developing content for the exhibitions and various lectures. My current work involves further content development of exhibitions, school workshops and expanding the range of professional content. I am involved in the application and implementation process of an international project of the European Space Agency, which will add even more emphasis on educating and inspiring young people and the general public about space and space technologies.


+386 (0)5 993 45 17
+386 (0)40 300 052
Na vasi 18, 3205 Vitanje, Slovenia


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