ASIS – Alpine Social Innovation Strategy


With the ASIS project, co-financed by the Interreg Alpine Space program, we will, with the help of a strong partnership, provide development of strategic directions for establishing social innovations in the Alpine region.

Eleven well-known partners covering the whole Alpine region will focus on the specific objective 1 of enhancing innovation in the Alpine region. The content of the project will be linked to the setting up of a strategy for the promotion of social innovation. The aim of the project is to explore the area of social innovation in the region, adequately present the understanding and directly engage in the implementation of as many key stakeholders as possible.

As the final outcome of the project, we will set concrete proposals on the basis of which further local, regional and national policies can be developed to sustainably promote the field of social innovation.

In addition to the project partners, 16 influential observers will be involved in the implementation, such as the relevant ministries, municipalities, regional development institutions, city representatives and other support institutions.

Project duration: April 17, 2018 – April 18, 2021

Partnership: ERDF – 1,528,326.58 EUR, Own resources – 269,704.73 EUR, TOTAL – 1,798,031.31 EUR


  • Lyon University (France) is the coordinator of the content and Oxalis (France) is the financial coordinator
  • Project partners: Fachhochschule Carinthia (Austria), Steinbeis 2i (Germany), RA Kozjansko (Slovenia), Turin Municipality (Italy), Turin Chamber of Commerce (Italy), Lyon City (France), Austrian International Institute for Standardization (Austria), University of applied science and arts of Southern Switzerland – SUPSI (Switzerland) and Center Noordung (Slovenia)
  • 16 affiliated observers



More information at: LINK


Alpine Social Innovation Strategy (ASIS)

Alpine Space (ASP) is a really dynamic territory in term of research, innovative projects and SI initiatives, but shows limited inter-Alpine cooperation and significant regional and social disparities. Then, as all European regions, the ASP area meets crucial challenges, like climate change, socio-demographic changes, migrations, economic disparities. Technological innovation cannot itself answer to all the economic and social challenges of the ASP area anymore. SI is considered a crucial soft location factor for generations and economic development. SI explores the human potential and capacity for technological and service innovation and is a driver for well being. For that, it has become necessary to carry out the following actions: to develop public policies and an adequate ecosystem capable of providing effective support for SI (GECES report, European Commission, 10/2016) and to promote a shift from a project-based approach to long-term strategies that include SI. ASIS project desires to boost a real change and will develop an improved cooperation between ASP innovation key actors, better adapted answers to societal ASP challenges and new knowledge and skills of public authorities, business support organisations and sectoral agencies levels.

To support this change, ASIS will propose new tools and methodologies, an innovative platform, new strategic policies & recommendations to public actors through a white book, Simulation models and many other materials. ASIS new strategy will use findings of existing ASP projects and SI research.

ASIS Project has three specific objective:

  • To provide public authorities, business support organisations & sectoral agencies with common criterias/concept of Social Innovation (SI) between Alpine Social Space regions in order to create a common vision of SI and launch the first steps to develop a shared SI strategy for economic development.
  • Propose new tools, methodologies and guidelines in order to help business support organisations and sectoral agencies to better support sustainable and Social Innovation projects and improve cooperation between them on that topic.
  • Give recommandations to public authorities on how to adapt public policies to social innovation challenges through a “white paper” and how to support funding bodies in a new approach of funding principles.


Total eligible costs: 1.798.031 EUR
ERDF grant: 1.528.327 EUR


Project start date: 17/04/2018
Project end date: 16/04/2021


14TH JUNE 2019


We just issued ASIS first newsletter – please klick the link below to read it.

  ASIS PROJECT Newsletter n°1- V3

You can also subscribe to our newsletter HERE



13TH JUNE 2019


ASIS representatives participated in the final event of the AlpSib project in Ljubljana.

In the course of the day, representatives of last month’s formation of the Committee on Social Economy met with the new Secretary for Social Economy at MGRT (Mr Janez Topolšek) to discuss possible next steps.



22ND MAY 2019


We presented the ASIS project to everyone in attendance and invited them to participate actively. We are already planning the next meeting on 13.6. 2019 in Ljubljana, where we will also meet with MGRT representatives.



9TH AND 10TH MAY 2019


All the project partners were in Slovenia on Mai 9th and 10th to exchange about the project’s progress and results, ASIS current strategy to pursue it’s goals in Social Innovation and to plan the upcoming actions.

The event was hosted at The House of Europe in Ljubljana by the project partners : Noordung Center and RA Kozjanzko.


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