Bárány Chair

Have you ever wondered how astronauts on the space station “trick” the equilibrium organ so they aren’t confused by weightlessness? They do this by training on the Barany chair, where you can also take a spin at the Center Noordung.

The Barany chair represents a diagnostic method for studying the human equilibrium organ. By using blindfolds and noise reduction headphones, we eliminate all possibilities of orientation except the vestibular system. As you rotate, change the handle position to communicate a feeling or rotation direction. Can you be sure to have the right sense of direction? Will you wonder whether you’re still spinning or you’ve already stopped? Try out the Barany chair and see how your balance organ works.

By training on the Barany chair, the equilibrium organ becomes accustomed to a gravityless environment and sense of acceleration in a direction that isn’t the typical downward direction characteristic of gravity. This greatly eases the astronauts’ first days of life in space. While spinning, they must carry out calculative tasks on a calculator, thus proving their mental capacity.

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