Electra VR

Have you ever flown by plane at 800 km/h? Are you interested in how an aeroplane is operated and how it feels to look at Earth from space? Test the space flight simulator.

Electra VR simulates airplane flight and recreates a unique science fiction spacecraft, giving you an authentic experience of seeing the planet’s surface and flying in 3D virtual reality. You will experience the feel of flying a real plane. You will observe mountains, lakes, seas, and the whole planet Earth from 80 km above the ground and for a moment you may feel like a real pilot or astronaut.

According to NASA’s definition, space begins at an altitude of 80 km above sea level, so anyone who flies above that altitude is categorized as an astronaut.

The flight simulator is the result of Slovenian knowledge of the companies Pipistrel, Aereform and Airnet. Its design is based on the X-ALPHA flight simulator made by the company Pipistrel. Flight is based on an excellent physical model which is also used by pilots when learning to fly planes.

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