Electra VR

Have you ever flown by plane with the speed of 800 km/h above the Earth’s surface and asked yourself ‘What does the Earth look like from space and how to control the plane?’ Try the spaceflight simulator Electra VR.

This simulator simulates flying by 3 different plane types and depicts a unique sci-fi spacecraft, which takes you through the experience of the planet Earth’s surface monitoring and flying in virtual three-dimensional reality (VR). It gives you the opportunity to experience the feeling of flying by an actual plane. From the height of at least 80 km, you can observe mountains, lakes, and seas or our planet Earth and experience the feeling of being an actual pilot or astronaut. By definition of the American Space Agency NASA, space starts at an altitude of 80 km and everyone flying above this altitude is considered an astronaut.

The simulator was created by the Slovenian know-how in the companies Pipistrel, Aereform, and Airnet. It was designed on the basis of X-ALPHA spaceflight simulator made by Pipistrel. The flying is based on an excellent physical model used by pilots while training how to operate an actual plane.