For groups

News, unconventional manners of presentation, and extraordinary things are a good source to make the experience of closed groups more interesting.

A pleasant experience, through which we will very creatively present the achievements and sense of space exploration, is suitable for a wide range of tourist groups, societies’ excursions, corporate collectives, diversifying the meetings with business partners, or conclusions of project meetings.

Interesting, demanding, and appealing exhibitions in an extraordinary architecture of the building will not leave you indifferent. We take you into the world of space with guided tours through the exhibitions in Slovenian, English, or German language. To make things even more amusing, the program can be enriched by interactive animations using the applications Space 360, VR Noordung, the Noordung Projection, and Electra VR.

For closed groups, we also arrange banquets with local delicacies, produced in an ecological manner on the surrounding farms. In agreement with catering providers, we also arrange banquets at the highest level.

A visit without additional animations and banquets lasts about 1 hour.

When planning a daily trip, we help you with the purchase of a joint ticket with Žička kartuzija (the Žiče Carthusian Monastery) or the Velenje Coal Mining Museum and advise you on other attractions and providers in the narrower area Rogla–Pohorje.

In addition to visiting the Noordung Center in Vitanje, we also recommend you visit Beškovnikova Kašča (the Beškovnik’s Granary), the Brodej Ethnological Museum, and the Meglič Ecological Farm, where they offer tastings of their products.

To satisfy your hunger, you can indulge yourself in the neighboring restaurant Gostilna Kuzman and in the summer time, also at the Polenšek Tourist Farm, only 1.5 km away from the Noordung Center. Due to the high occupancy, in case of larger groups, we recommend you announce your visit.

In case of a trip lasting several days, there is a possibility of accommodation in Gostilna Kuzman and the Borovnik Apartments in Vitanje and in the vicinity, in Terme Zreče Spa Resort, the Urška Tourist Farm, and the Distributed Hotel Konjice.

An exceptional architectural achievement

In addition to space content, the building itself is worth seeing by architectural bureaus, architects, students, and others interested in contemporary construction styles.

The architectural design of the building is a special feature of the space center and allows us to get to know modern design and style of construction. The authors of the building received the Plečnik Award for Architecture 2013, the Golden Pencil Award 2013, and the Trend Award 2012. The design of the building was also nominated for the European Award Mies van der Rohe for Best Contemporary Architecture.

The building is a monolithic concrete structure composed of three floors, which blend into a single whole. The floors are circular in shape and an exhibition space that rises from the ground floor to the gallery with an incline gives them a distinctive dynamic. The gallery is under an incline and it is also possible to walk on the roof – four large round glazed surfaces with shades give it a particularly attractive appearance.



Za voden ogled priporočamo rezervacijo termina na ali nas pokličite na 040 300 052 (vodene oglede izvajamo za minimalno 6 odraslih oseb). Hkrati vam priporočamo, da si že vnaprej pogledate našo dodatno ponudbo virtualnih doživetij.

Ekipa Centra Noordung


  • Ponedeljek–četrtek: 9.00–16.00
  • Petek: 9.00–17.00
  • Sobota, nedelja, prazniki: 10.00–18.00
  • Zaprto: 1. in 2. 1., velikonočna nedelja, 1. 11. in 25. 12.

Priporočen zadnji vstop je ena ura pred zaključkom odpiralnega časa.
Center Noordung je psom dostopen muzej, v katerem lahko psi lastnike spremljajo ob ogledu vseh razstavnih prostorov.

ZIMSKI URNIK VODENIH OGLEDOV / 1. 10.–30. 4. (v slovenskem jeziku)
  • Ponedeljek–sreda: samostojni ogledi (razen za predhodno najavljene skupine)
  • Četrtek: 11.00 in 14.00
  • Petek: 10.00, 12.00 in 14.00
  • Sobota, nedelja, prazniki: 10.00, 12.00, 14.00 in 16.00
POLETNI URNIK VODENIH OGLEDOV / 1. 5.–30. 9.  (v slovenskem jeziku)
  • Ponedeljek–četrtek: 11.00 in 14.00
  • Petek: 10.00, 12.00 in 14.00
  • Sobota, nedelja, prazniki: 10.00, 12.00, 14.00 in 16.00

Vodeni ogledi se izvajajo za minimalno 6 odraslih oseb.

Po predhodnem dogovoru omogočamo za skupine oglede tudi izven rednega delovnega časa.

Vodeni ogledni v nemškem in angleškem jeziku so možni ob prehodnem dogovoru.


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