Herman Potočnik Noordung

Meet Herman Potočnik Noordung. A pioneer of cosmonautics and a visionary of an unrealized idea for the International Geostationary Space Station – THE HABITAT WHEEL.

The fundamental exhibition is dedicated to the pioneer of cosmonautics Herman Potočnik Noordung. Meet and broaden your horizon by visiting the exhibition of the Slovenian scientist, who left a mark with his only book THE PROBLEM OF SPACE TRAVEL – THE ROCKET MOTOR and his visionary aspects and thinking in the field of space technologies development. As part of a guided tour through the exhibition, the life of Herman Potočnik Noordung and his connection to Vitanje are presented.

Let us meet and go over particular segments and ideas from his book. The exhibition includes, among other things, a presentation of the most famous visionary idea of Herman Potočnik Noordung – THE HABITAT WHEEL. A visionary idea of a space station on the geostationary orbit is presented.

There is also a unique book collection of translations and issues of Potočnik’s books including the first original issue in the German language entitled DAS PROBLEM DER BEFAHRUNG DES WELTRAUMS – DER RAKETEN-MOTOR from 1929.



Author of the exhibition: Primož Premzl