Images of Earth

Observation of the Earth from space is the future of managing the most vital areas for human development and for the planet’s preservation. Center Noordung will present all six families of Sentinel satellites, their areas of observation and the results brought by Copernicus, the European Union’s ground-breaking Earth observation and monitoring programme.

The Copernicus Programme exhibition is presented in three parts – each of them visually perfected and full of interesting facts from all parts of the world: it provides images of vegetation, soil and water surfaces, inland waterways, and coastal areas. It reveals the state of our planet and calls for responsible action, which is so very necessary to preserve the planet. For this reason, we focused on using completely recyclable materials in the exhibition setup.

The first part of the exhibition reveals technological and socio-economic aspects of Earth observation through a multi-layered graphic and textual layout of display panels and answers the question of “what?” – what is the Copernicus Programme? This is the European Union’s Earth Observation and Monitoring Programme, based on six families of Sentinel satellites that send valuable data about Earth to Earth, to which we all have full, free and open access. They represent a permanent and independent source of high-quality data, the main purpose of which is to improve environmental management, ensure safety and inhibit climate change on Earth.

The second part of the exhibition answers the question of “why?” – why do we need the Copernicus Earth observation programme? Why is it so important for our future on this planet? What are all the things we can do with satellite data? The exhibition presents the satellite system’s operations and gives fascinating examples of results in all 6 areas of observation: atmospheric monitoring, marine environmental monitoring, land monitoring, climate change, emergency management, and security.

The third part of the exhibition answers the question of “how?”. How to get involved, how to participate? How to create something new for a better tomorrow? By using the Copernicus programme’s services and data, numerous new business models and entrepreneurial opportunities can be created. With the help of dry-erase boards, the exhibition encourages the thinking of visitors and the emergence of new ideas, additionally stimulated by an interactive projection on the various benefits of Sentinel satellites and the Sentinel Hub app – a product of Sinergise, a Slovenian company that won the 2016 Copernicus Masters Award, one of the most prestigious awards awarded by the European Space Agency.



Exhibition management: Center Noordung, Dominik Kobold, ScD

Exhibition design: Biro Triiije, Andrej Mercina

Graphic design: Marko Gomboc

Content support: Lenka Gložančev

Printing: Agencija Dualist

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