Images of Earth

Monitoring of the Earth from space is the future of management with the most vital areas, which are important for the development of mankind and the future of planet Earth management. Get to know the satellite groups, monitoring areas and Copernicus program at the Noordung Center.

The exhibition ‘Earth images’ is about the modern way and the results of Earth monitoring with satellite system constellations. The exhibition is based on the European Copernicus program.

The exhibition designed in a modern way has three complexes, which show the Copernicus program and express genuine concern for our planet. The setting up of the exhibition was particularly focused on the use of recycled materials.

The initial complex 1 shows the technological and socially economic aspects regarding the Earth monitoring guided by an interesting multifaceted panel setting, answering the question ˝What?˝ This setting gives a spatial dimension to the combination of graphic and text presentation.

Among other things, the monitoring designs and constellations of six satellite families Sentinel are presented, which provide accurate, timely, and easily accessible data. The fundamental purpose of these data is improvement in environmental management, security, and better understanding and mitigation of the changing climate effects on the Earth.

Complex 2 answers the question ˝Why?˝ and focuses on showing the idea of a fundamental monitoring system functioning by explicit and fascinating result cases, which cover 6 basic operational areas: land monitoring, sea environment monitoring, atmosphere monitoring, security, emergency management, and climate change.

Complex 3 answers the question ˝How?˝ and encourages the search of new suggestions and ideas by means of a whiteboard. Through an interactive projection, useful examples of Sentinel satellites are shown, which was developed by the Slovenian company Sinergise.



Responsible for exhbition: Center Noordung, dr. Dominik Kobold

Exhibition design: Biro Triiije, Andrej Mercina

Graphic design: Marko Gomboc

Content support: Lenka Gložančev

Print: Agencija Dualist