Journey Into the Universe of Consciousness

Try out this multimedia installation, a personalised innovative artistic experience built on the latest technologies. Delve into your consciousness and observe the brainwave frequencies.

Through virtual reality glasses, you can take a look at the 3D video story of the Sphinx, the guardian of knowledge, flying through the vastness of dreams and exploring the core of its essence. The installation allows you to delve into your consciousness and monitor your brain’s responses to music as well as to known and unknown real objects in the video. The head sensor will read out signals of brain wave frequencies plotted in the graphic images of circumferences. You can also purchase the graphics with brain maps at the end of your experience.

Multimedia installation is distinguished as an innovative service at the intersection of science and art fields. It realizes the intimate and universal desire of humans to learn about themself and the world and universe that they live in.


Project management

Conceptual design, installation architecture and artistic direction: Raj Per Tot (IND)

VR technology, programming and design of sensor graphics: Antonio Giacomin (

VR musical background: Raj Per Tot, Riccardo Massari Spiritini

Production: Rosa Production (director: Svetlana Dramlić)

Co-organization and promotion: Center Noordung (mentoring: Dominik Kobold, ScD; organization: Tanja Tamše)

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