Noordung Projection

Experience the presentation of the idea for a Geostationary Space Station by Herman Potočnik Noordung ‘himself’. A projection that places the visionary thinking of Potočnik from 1929 in a modern time.

The exhibition area ‘takes you back’ to the year 1929 and at the end of it, there is Herman Potočnik ‘himself’ to greet you. There is a ten-minute projection, where the image of Herman Potočnik Noordung explains a small segment from his book in a likeable and interesting way. Experience the presentation of the visionary ways of thinking and ideas produced by Herman Potočnik Noordung, parallel to which the progress of space research in our time will be projected. Every visitor can create a comparison of knowledge since Potočnik’s time to the present day.


Production: Snaut d.o.o.