On the Cosmic Horizons

Over the past seventy years, space exploration has reached many new milestones in terms of observing the Earth, the Solar System and nearby (and deep) space through technological developments.

You’ll be introduced to the most famous Hubble and James Webb space telescopes, as well as the Saturn V rocket which took the first astronauts to the Moon, and the Soyuz rocket system, the oldest and most used rocket system in history.

Find out what life is like at the International Space Station, what foods astronauts eat, and how they face the challenges of living in weightlessness. With the help of the interactive app, you can also explore the Moon and learn about its conquest missions and the latest rockets, telescopes and robotic vehicles used for space exploration.

The exhibition space is rounded off by an exhibition of Mars, the Red Planet – with attractive illuminated display panels that provide a historical overview of research and the most important discoveries on this planet, which has always greatly stirred human imagination. On display are models of particular robotic vehicles used by humans to explore our neighbouring planet.



Author of the exhibition: Center Noordung

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