Birthday in Space

Author: Center Noordung

Organize your child's birthday party in Space.
  • up to 15 kids
  • 7 years and over
  • 120 minutes
  • guided tour
  • workshop - space theeme
  • cake and juice

Price: 220,00 €

Space Night

Author: Center Noordung

You are cordially invited to attend an evening event - Space Night - on the roof of Center Noordung.
We will organize an expert lecture by Professor IGOR ŽIBERNA - the theme will be planet Saturn. In the lecture he will present a brief history of exploration of the second largest planet in the Solar System. You will get to know it's internal structure and processes in the atmosphere. Particular attention will be paid to Saturn's rings, which, unlike Jupiter's, Uranus's or Neptune's, are visible even from Earth. We will also talk about why Saturn has rings and why they are so beautifully visible. In the ensuing observation, in the case of clear weather, the planet and its rings will also be observed.

Price: 20,00 €

Green Space Experience

Author: Center Noordung and ECO Farm Urska

A weekend experience of the authentic Pohorje landscape at the Farm Urska and the interactive content of the Noordung Center in Vitanje will not leave you indifferent. An active family adventure that guides you along the paths of Vitanje's wells, home-made granaries, violin strings, home-made bread, local herbs, observing space, and sledding along the slopes of Pohorje. A weekend you will want to repeat every winter.
FAMILY ACTIVE HOLIDAYS for 4 people (2 adults and 2 children), 2 nights, full board. Day one: tour of the Noordung Center and interactive applications, tour of life and work at the Meglič Organic Farm (homemade goulash), walking / sledding / star watching Day two: Sightseeing of violin production in the Skaza master studio (10 min concert), tour of Beskovnik's granary (demonstration of picking ants' eggs, homemade cold dry meat snack), Circular learning path through Vitanje (town and wells)
DESCRIPTION OF THE EXPERIENCE: In the afternoon / evening, you arrive at the Eco Farm Urška, where you will be greeted by happy family and friendly animals in pristine nature and welcomed to your home for the next few days. You will get to know everyone by name − father and mother, children and also their best friends, puppies, goats, cows, bunnies, and ponies. Relaxing in nature and in modern wellness will be the perfect start to your holiday in the surroundings of Vitanje. The evening meal will be a light mixture of home-grown ingredients from the field, herb, and flower garden and creativity of cooks Vilma and Urška. Their grandmother's recipes offered in a modern way. After a morning stroll and a taste of fresh homemade bread, you are sent to the space. In Vitanje, there is a flying saucer-like building where you can learn about the life and work of Herman Potočnik Noordung, a pioneer in space technology. An experience for all generations at the Herman Potočnik Noordung Space Technology Center is prepared by a team that will take you through exhibitions and conjure up the universe before your eyes, under your feet and into your hearts. You will learn about the state-of-the-art technology, life on the International Space Station, and you will see a mock-up of a satellite and samples of space food. You will be able to walk among the planets of our solar system, and you will be greeted and addressed by Herman Potočnik Noordung himself. We recommend a lunch / dinner at the Iršič-Meglič Organic Farm, where you can see the food hut, they also offer homemade products. Their specialty is that they produce their own whole wheat flour, and they also offer tasting of home-made herbal spreads. The farm will try a variety of home-made spirits and liqueurs, which also boast the Taste of Rogla sign. Homemade goulash will be specially prepared for you. You will spend the second evening around the farm. Our love for animals and the earth has already been instilled in us by ancestors, and soon you will feel it: animals from picture books, photos and TV screens will move in front of you, and as you walk through the meadows and between fields, you will feel the earth live and breathe. We will also allow you to sleep on a hayloft, watch the stars, sledding with torches, or be active with other outdoor activities. The next morning, you will start your day unforgettably. We will prepare the most delicious breakfast for you and pamper you with excellent homemade jams, salami, spreads, cottage cheese, yogurt etc. If you want, you will go to the chicken coop for eggs and thus eat the freshest fried eggs. In Vitanje, your senses are also pampered in the Skaza violin studio. Upon entering, you will be greeted with a pleasant classical music from an old turntable. When you roll your eyes over the walls, you will have the opportunity to admire many violins and other string instruments, including a nearly 200-year-old specimen (Ludvig Fleischmann, Maribor, 1824). Here they make new instruments, as well as repair old and damaged ones. This gives you the ability to see different strings at different stages of production or repair. You will probably be the most impressed with the different procedures for making a new violin. We include a 10-minute classical music concert. At the end of the adventure, we will take you the Beskovnik's granary from 1814, which was intended for the harvesting of food from the first harvest, field products, and meat. The granary also houses a collection of restored old items. The burglary house was erected in 1830 on the Beskovnik homestead as a new building next to the main house, barn, sow, and granary. The purpose of the construction of the delivery house was to give home to the previous farm owners who gave the main house "to the younger generation". Today, it gives us a glimpse into the premises of former farmhouses on Pohorje. Also of particular interest on the tour is a presentation of the collection of ant eggs for pharmaceutical purposes as a source of earnings in the past. (Lunch − homemade cold cuts.) The circular learning route through Vitanje with tasting of fresh Pohorje water, which filled the wells of Vitanje, kindly invites you. Nine wells have been restored by the municipality of Vitanje. In order to be able to understand the importance of water once in a while, learning boards along the wells help. The learning path is designed interpretively. Learning boards are provided with thinking questions for different generations. Descriptions of wells on the nameplate are in Slovene and English and enable the general public to understand the importance of the water in the past and today. * Transport and guided tours to all destinations are included in the offer.  

Price: 690,00 €

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