Slovenia in space

Slovenian companies have been leaving an exceptional mark in the space technology as being one of the best of their kind in the world. Get acquainted with the accomplishments of Slovenian companies and individuals connected to space.

The setting of the exhibition ‘Slovenia in space’ represents a rather modern present-day field related to space. It starts with a presentation of an idea for a logo design for the mission CHEOPS. The logo will be placed on the rocket SOJUZ and it was selected at the competition ESE. A Slovenian architecture student, Denis Vrenko from Celje, was the winner. The mission CHEOPS is dedicated to searching and researching of exoplanets or planets outside our Solar System.

As another part of the exhibition, there is a presentation of an already established Slovenian company in space industry, DEWESOFT d.o.o., and their product – the circuit MINITAUR-DS.

The exhibition ‘Slovenia in space’ continues with a presentation of the Molybdenum alloy. A demanding process for Molybdenum alloy treatment with standard CNC-machines was developed by the company B.M.W. TECH from Paka near Velenje.

A part of the exhibition room is intended for the company Skylabs d.o.o., which is taking part in the project Trisat. The main product of the company Skylabs is a small processor called Picosky FT, which is also a part of a nanosatellite in the project Trisat. The American Space Agency NASA showed an interest in this particular product.



Author of the exhibition: Center Noordung