Slovenia in Space

There is a high profile for Slovenian companies in the global aerospace industry. Discover Slovenian companies and their achievements in space technologies.

The exhibition of Slovenia in Space presents noted Slovenian companies that have been successfully operating in the space industry for many years: Dewesoft, Sinergise, Cosylab, SkyLabs, Vesolje-SI and other companies and institutions in this field, which the exhibition showcases on an attractive video wall. With the help of an interactive app, you’ll learn all about the achievements, services and products of these world-renowned Slovenian companies.

With the help of satellite images and the Display Wall app, you’ll be able to explore the whole world. You can also try your hand at running the autonomous SARA (Slovenian Arachnid Robot Adventurer) robot to explore the Moon’s surface.

One of Slovenia’s great(est) achievements in the field of space science is certainly the launch of the first two Slovenian satellites that flew into space in September 2020. The exhibition presents models of both launched satellites – NEMO-HD and TRISAT, which are the result of Slovenian knowledge and development.


Author of the exhibition: Center Noordung

Video content: Svetlana Dramlić (Rosa Production, Ltd.), Nika Teraž (Center Noordung)

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