Space 360

Come to space, into the world of infinity and unknown vastness. The concept of space presentation is carefully designed and gets you closer to the virtual reality without the use of special goggles.

A unique interactive room with all the projections enables interactive discoveries of space and diverse areas, such as the planets of our Solar System, space phenomena (the eclipse of the sun, the eclipse of the moon), and missions such as Voyager and the Hubble telescope. All this and more can be discovered through the animation, which goes around in a 360° room in circles and gives a special feeling of virtual reality.

The room is intended for individual visitors as well as groups and for educational activities for elementary and secondary schools. The experience can be observed by up to 20 people at once.

The project was enabled by: MGRT (Ministry of Economic Development and Technology), MJU (Ministry of Public Administration), MIZŠ (Ministry of Education, Science and Sport), Centre RS for Vocational Education, Digital Slovenia, Institution RS for Educational System, and Noordung Center.


Produkcija in izvedba vsebin: Vzorčno mesto (Pattern City)