The Artistic Science Of Cosmology

Humanity has been immersed in astronomy ever since the earliest civilisations, yet our understanding of the Universe and the celestial phenomena has changed across millennia.

The exhibition reveals and enhances understanding of space exploration in four parts. The first part takes you back in time – all the way from Prehistory to the New Age. It reveals the universe in the way it was seen by astronomers and scientists in individual periods. The second part presents the main exhibition of the Center Noordung dedicated to Herman Potočnik Noordung – a space-science pioneer. The third part introduces you to Potočnik’s contemporaries, who drafted plans for space travel and presented their ideas both in theory and in practice. The final, fourth part will launch you into the mysterious universe where you can get “closeup” insight into its secrets.



Authors and project managers: dr. Dominik Kobold, Nika Teraž (Center Noordung)

Co-author of the exhibition The Artistic Science of Cosmology: Lan Oberžan

Author of the exhibition Herman Potočnik Noordung: Primož Premzl

Co-author of the exhibition The Mysterious Universe: Monika Tisel

Video content: Svetlana Dramlić (Rosa production, Ltd.), Nika Teraž (Center Noordung)

Illustrations: Tatjana Kalamar Morales

Exhibition design and graphic design: Arne Vehovar, Kaja Lipnik Vehovar, Nena Gabrovec (Kubus Interier)

Exhibition setup: RPS, d.o.o.

Language editing and translation: LG, Lenka Gložančev s.p.

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