The Mysterious Universe

The universe has been stirring our imagination for millennia. What exactly is it? How did it come into existence? How much do we truly know about it? Find answers at The Mysterious Universe exhibition.

Humans have been making strong efforts to explore the universe and we already know a great deal about it, yet this knowledge is like a tiny drop of the known in the vast ocean of the unknown. In the latest century, we’ve learned by far the most about the origins of the universe, yet it all remains a great mystery that still inspires and employs the greatest minds in astronomy today. The exhibition provides an overview of current knowledge regarding the origins and development of the universe, its life cycle and the life cycle of stars.

Insight into the age of the universe surely also raises questions about the end of the universe, as various theories exist about this. The exhibition will reveal many interesting facts about galaxies, of course also about our Milkyway, in which all sorts of star types hide. You’ll be able to compare them in size and witness a spectacular visualization of the big bang and the life cycle of stars – so you can start discovering what’s hidden beneath the veil of the mysterious universe.

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