Understanding of the Universe Across Time

Take a stroll through this attractive and dynamic exhibition on the history of understanding the Universe and learn about the leading astronomers and the history of astronomy, from pre-history to today.

Learn how the universe was understood by early civilizations, and what their suppressed and nearly lost ancient ideas of a round Earth orbiting the Sun were like at the time. Find out more about interesting developments in the field of astronomy in the Middle Ages, about the rebirth of astronomy during the Renaissance, and about the New Age, which brought a new perspective to the understanding of the universe.

The exhibition introduces astronomers and scientists – Ptolemy, Aristarchus, Al-Sufi, Perlah, Copernicus, Galilei, Kepler, Newton, William and Caroline Herschel – who have contributed to our understanding of the universe and whose ideas represent the foundations of modern space science.

Via interactive apps and visual presentations, the exhibition dynamically and attractively boosts understanding of the universe throughout history. The AR app takes you into an extended reality where you can stroll through a geocentric and heliocentric system or stop under a dome to listen to the spherical harmony created by the universe.

Exhibitions as part of "The Artistic Science of Cosmology"

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