Vita, the Humanoid Robot

Have a chat with the first social humanoid robot created in human shape. Vita the robot is welcoming and friendly and will talk, dance, listen and make your visit to the Center Noordung extra fun and interactive.

She will tell you where she comes from, what her name is, how she feels, and even things like her favourite movie. She’ll point you to the exhibition area, to the reception desk, and even tell you a joke or interesting facts about the universe.

Upon the female robot’s arrival, the Center Noordung stepped into the field of artificial intelligence and app development, enabling visitors to interact directly. Slovenia’s robot Vita is a modern example of a humanoid robot that ranks among the world’s top 10 general-purpose robots. She’s also globally known as Pepper and is manufactured by SoftBank Robotics.


Production: Softbank Robotics, Center Noordung

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